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– Ricochet vs. Matt Sydal
– Ace Romero vs. Keith Lee
– Kikutaro vs. Troy Nelson
– Ethan Page vs. Tyler Nitro
– Veda Scott vs. Taeler Hendrix
– Team Limitless (Maine State Posse, Jeremy Leary, & Skylar) vs. Team Freelance (Matt Knicks, GPA, Criag Mitchell, & Rob Matter)
– Anthony Henry vs. Jay Freddie
– Chris Dickinson vs. Rene Dupree
– Mr. Grim vs. Xavier Bell vs. Conner Murphy vs. Maxwell Jacob Freidman vs. Dick Justice vs. Mike Graca
– Rex Lawless vs. Oleg The Usurper


May 13th I took the Limitless Wrestling booking expecting to return with Ace Romero and take on the best that Limitless had to offer. To be honest, I was really excited. We’ve been killing it together in Limitless and now in other promotions around the Northeast region.
But… The home town boy has some unfinished business that doesn’t involve me… ACE vs. FOX 3! The match that everyone has been looking forward to seeing and the match that leaves me with nothing to do on May 13th.
Ace is calling me “selfish” for doing the exact same thing he’s doing to me. Except he was rewarded with Keith Lee and I’m being rewarded with what seems to be a night off… Until right now.

“Problematic” is stacked with some of the best talent in the area and in the world. If Ace is going to start making matches, why can’t I?
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CLICK HERE to purchase tickets for “Problematic” on 5/13 in Westbrook featuring AR Fox, Ace Romero, Lucha Underground’s Brian Cage, Colt Cabana, Paul London & more!


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Saturday, May 13th, 2017
WESTBROOK ARMORY – 120 Stroudwater Street, Westbrook, ME




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“UNREAL” DVD – $12


– Cody Rhodes vs. JT Dunn
– American Destroyers vs. Ace Romero & Anthony Greene
– Travis Gordon vs. John Silver
– Veda Scott vs. Tessa Blanchard
– Brian Milonas vs. Hanson vs. Big Daddy Beluga vs. Max Smashmaster
– David Starr vs. Xavier Bell – QUICK CLIP
– Maine State Posse vs. Tyler Nitro & Cam Zagami
– Jeremy Leary vs. Skylar – FULL MATCH
– Anthony Gangone vs. Conner Murphy
– Adam Booker vs. Mike Graca

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“Funny CAN Equal Money.” – Troy Nelson

Troy Nelson (that’s me) is intelligent. Behind all the drunken debauchery and long hours taking care of the bar lies a man with a degree in English and a minor in Communications. It has been quite a while since I put pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keyboard. Here I find myself about a week away from stepping into the ring with a remarkable international talent, so I thought it was time.

The first time I saw Kikutaro was on a ROH DVD in 2006. I didn’t know what to think of him as he stepped into the ring with the likes of Delirious, Samoa Joe, and a slew of indie darlings from the mid 2000’s. I quickly learned that a man can have a knack for tomfoolery and have it translate into a successful professional wrestling career. If anything, Kikutaro gave hope to the theater kid whose body type could only be described as a “warm bag of milk” for half of high school. Fast forward to 2013. Ernest Goes To Wrestling School… Er… Troy. I meant Troy. I wanted to give professional wrestling a try and I knew the style I wanted to employ. How was I going to garner smiles from an audience AND picks up wins at the same time? One must watch tape; Study those that have come before you. Cassandro, Colt Cabana, Santino Marella, and of course Kikutaro pointed me in the right direction. Those are the guys that showed me that funny COULD equal money.
Kiku vs. Troy.jpg
On March 17 in Westbrook, ME, Sidney Bakabella of all people has afforded me the opportunity to have a dream match. Sidney for whatever reason seems to hold a vendetta against me for making the fans laugh, smile, and go home with a different perspective of the way pro wrestling can be. Trust me Sidney, sometimes I wish it was 1996 and that Goldust and Savio Vega were on the bill every week, but times change. I don’t know where you think your “Japanese Assasin” comes from, but I assure you, the disappointment on your face will mesh well with the gratitude on that of the fans. Kikutaro, I respect you to the umpteenth level and am honored to step into the ring with you, but at the Westbrook Armory, he who laughs last will last loudest. Nobody laughs at there own jokes more than me. I’m “Top Shelf” Troy Nelson, and I’ll drink to that.

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“We’re going to act, look, and WIN like a team.” – Anthony Greene

There’s two sides to every story. There’s Ace’s side and there’s mine. In Limitless, we’ve taken two completely different career paths. I kind of flew under the radar for a little bit, while he received main event after main event and opportunity after opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, he made the most of those opportunities and deserves the spot he’s in… But I shouldn’t be overlooked.
It’s no secret that behind the scenes we are friends. We ride to shows together, hang out, and train together. On a personal level, I think it’s one of those cool friendships you could only get out of wrestling. Professionally… we’ve teamed, we’ve been across the ring from each other to an extent, but the issue is respect. Regardless of our friendship outside of the ring, he doesn’t hold me to the standard that I know I am.

We’re teaming because together we’re 20-1 in singles and tags in Limitless Wrestling (he’s the 1). Brian Fury told us we’re unbeatable as a duo. We’re pros and that’s how we’re going to act. Limitless wants to throw us a curveball named The American Destroyers, and Ace and I are going to knock it out of the park. You want us to be a team… we’re going to act, look, and WIN like a team.

– “All Good” Anthony Greene

Anthony Greene & Ace Romero vs. The American Destroyers goes down in SIX DAYS at “UNREAL” in Westbrook! Tickets are still available – CLICK HERE to purchase.
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Relive eight of the wildest matches throughout year one with the Best Of Limitless Wrestling Volume 1! Featuring:

– Chris Hero vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (Under Fire)

– JT Dunn vs. Ace Romero (No Dropkicks In The Living Room)

– Tommaso Ciampa vs. Xavier Bell (No Dropkicks In The Living Room)

– Hanson vs. Anthony Greene (No Dropkicks In The Living Room)

– Donovan Dijak vs. AR Fox (No Dropkicks In The Living Room)

– Ace Romero vs. Donovan Dijak (Hook, Line, & Sinker)

– Lince Dorado vs. Travis Gordon (Past Your Bedtime)

– AR Fox vs. Ace Romero (Past Your Bedtime)


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Brian Fury is New England professional wrestling.

In Massachusetts, he’s trained some of the best professional wrestlers active today including WWE’s Sasha Banks and Ring Of Honor’s Donovan Dijak. He’s made a home in Chaotic Wrestling, winning every major championship in their history, and has been a driving force in putting them on the map as a top tier promotion in the northeast.

In Rhode Island, he’s redefined his career in Beyond Wrestling, competing against some of the best professional wrestlers in the world such as Zack Sabre Jr., Jonathan Gresham, and Tommaso Ciampa. He put himself on the map as not only as one of the best in New England, but as someone who can hang with the best of the best.

But I’d like to talk about what he’s done in Maine. Sure, this won’t be as glamorous as the previous two, but it’s the most important to me. 

New England has been graced with some of the best professional wrestling around over the past few years. But seven years ago, there wasn’t much. Especially in the state of Maine. But there was a hidden gem: Brian Fury.

When I was growing up, Maine didn’t have a ton of great options for professional wrestling. There was NAWA, GIW, or NWA On Fire. In 2010, I attended my first NWA On Fire show and got a chance to watch one half of The Dynasty with the late, great DC Dillinger, Brian Fury. After watching Fury and Julian Starr wrestle that night in Lisbon Falls, I made it a point to attend as many NWA On Fire events that I could to see those two wrestle.

From small town to small town, Fury’s matches with On Fire is something that truly reinvigorated Maine wrestling at a time when it truly needed it. I’m sure many people checking this out haven’t heard of much coming from the Maine wrestling scene. “Hey, Scotty 2 Hotty is from there or something, right?” Yeah, I hear that a lot. But some of the best matches I watched growing up came from Brian Fury in NWA On Fire. His numerous battles with Matt Taven, Scotty Slade, and Scott Reed were exceptional, but it was his continuous series with Julian Starr that really made me seek out live professional wrestling events to attend. Starr is also one of those hidden gems from years ago who should’ve been something big, but just didn’t have the place to do it. Regardless, those matches are one of the big factors that kept me a professional wrestling fan throughout my teen years, when it’s so easy to stray.

If I didn’t watch Brian Fury growing up, I don’t know if I’d still be a professional wrestling fan. I don’t know if Limitless Wrestling would be around. I don’t know what Maine professional wrestling would be.

But I’m happy to say that Brian Fury has made an incredible impact on Maine professional wrestling and Limitless Wrestling. I’d say more than half of our roster grew up watching Fury in their home states, and may have similar stories as I do. Hell, a good portion of our roster has been trained by Brian at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy.

Tomorrow night is so bittersweet, as Brian Fury competes for the final time in the state of Maine against Ace Romero at “Hogwash” in Orono. We’ve been blessed to have Brian in the locker room numerous times throughout our first year, and he’s been huge to the progression of Limitless. I’m stoked that I’m able to host his final professional wrestling match in the Pine Tree State under our banner.

Like I said before, Brian Fury is New England professional wrestling. But he’s also Maine professional wrestling.

And our hidden gem.

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