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“We’re going to act, look, and WIN like a team.” – Anthony Greene

There’s two sides to every story. There’s Ace’s side and there’s mine. In Limitless, we’ve taken two completely different career paths. I kind of flew under the radar for a little bit, while he received main event after main event and opportunity after opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, he made the most of those opportunities and deserves the spot he’s in… But I shouldn’t be overlooked.
It’s no secret that behind the scenes we are friends. We ride to shows together, hang out, and train together. On a personal level, I think it’s one of those cool friendships you could only get out of wrestling. Professionally… we’ve teamed, we’ve been across the ring from each other to an extent, but the issue is respect. Regardless of our friendship outside of the ring, he doesn’t hold me to the standard that I know I am.

We’re teaming because together we’re 20-1 in singles and tags in Limitless Wrestling (he’s the 1). Brian Fury told us we’re unbeatable as a duo. We’re pros and that’s how we’re going to act. Limitless wants to throw us a curveball named The American Destroyers, and Ace and I are going to knock it out of the park. You want us to be a team… we’re going to act, look, and WIN like a team.

– “All Good” Anthony Greene

Anthony Greene & Ace Romero vs. The American Destroyers goes down in SIX DAYS at “UNREAL” in Westbrook! Tickets are still available – CLICK HERE to purchase.
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Relive eight of the wildest matches throughout year one with the Best Of Limitless Wrestling Volume 1! Featuring:

– Chris Hero vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (Under Fire)

– JT Dunn vs. Ace Romero (No Dropkicks In The Living Room)

– Tommaso Ciampa vs. Xavier Bell (No Dropkicks In The Living Room)

– Hanson vs. Anthony Greene (No Dropkicks In The Living Room)

– Donovan Dijak vs. AR Fox (No Dropkicks In The Living Room)

– Ace Romero vs. Donovan Dijak (Hook, Line, & Sinker)

– Lince Dorado vs. Travis Gordon (Past Your Bedtime)

– AR Fox vs. Ace Romero (Past Your Bedtime)


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Brian Fury is New England professional wrestling.

In Massachusetts, he’s trained some of the best professional wrestlers active today including WWE’s Sasha Banks and Ring Of Honor’s Donovan Dijak. He’s made a home in Chaotic Wrestling, winning every major championship in their history, and has been a driving force in putting them on the map as a top tier promotion in the northeast.

In Rhode Island, he’s redefined his career in Beyond Wrestling, competing against some of the best professional wrestlers in the world such as Zack Sabre Jr., Jonathan Gresham, and Tommaso Ciampa. He put himself on the map as not only as one of the best in New England, but as someone who can hang with the best of the best.

But I’d like to talk about what he’s done in Maine. Sure, this won’t be as glamorous as the previous two, but it’s the most important to me. 

New England has been graced with some of the best professional wrestling around over the past few years. But seven years ago, there wasn’t much. Especially in the state of Maine. But there was a hidden gem: Brian Fury.

When I was growing up, Maine didn’t have a ton of great options for professional wrestling. There was NAWA, GIW, or NWA On Fire. In 2010, I attended my first NWA On Fire show and got a chance to watch one half of The Dynasty with the late, great DC Dillinger, Brian Fury. After watching Fury and Julian Starr wrestle that night in Lisbon Falls, I made it a point to attend as many NWA On Fire events that I could to see those two wrestle.

From small town to small town, Fury’s matches with On Fire is something that truly reinvigorated Maine wrestling at a time when it truly needed it. I’m sure many people checking this out haven’t heard of much coming from the Maine wrestling scene. “Hey, Scotty 2 Hotty is from there or something, right?” Yeah, I hear that a lot. But some of the best matches I watched growing up came from Brian Fury in NWA On Fire. His numerous battles with Matt Taven, Scotty Slade, and Scott Reed were exceptional, but it was his continuous series with Julian Starr that really made me seek out live professional wrestling events to attend. Starr is also one of those hidden gems from years ago who should’ve been something big, but just didn’t have the place to do it. Regardless, those matches are one of the big factors that kept me a professional wrestling fan throughout my teen years, when it’s so easy to stray.

If I didn’t watch Brian Fury growing up, I don’t know if I’d still be a professional wrestling fan. I don’t know if Limitless Wrestling would be around. I don’t know what Maine professional wrestling would be.

But I’m happy to say that Brian Fury has made an incredible impact on Maine professional wrestling and Limitless Wrestling. I’d say more than half of our roster grew up watching Fury in their home states, and may have similar stories as I do. Hell, a good portion of our roster has been trained by Brian at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy.

Tomorrow night is so bittersweet, as Brian Fury competes for the final time in the state of Maine against Ace Romero at “Hogwash” in Orono. We’ve been blessed to have Brian in the locker room numerous times throughout our first year, and he’s been huge to the progression of Limitless. I’m stoked that I’m able to host his final professional wrestling match in the Pine Tree State under our banner.

Like I said before, Brian Fury is New England professional wrestling. But he’s also Maine professional wrestling.

And our hidden gem.

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Our one year anniversary event, “Past Your Bedtime” was jam packed with debuts, goodbyes, and one strong fucking ladder. Featuring:

– Anthony Greene vs. Xavier Bell
– Davienne vs. Veda Scott
– Mike Graca vs. Mike Bennett
– Troy Nelson vs. Scott Wild
– Travis Gordon vs. Lince Dorado
– Brian Milonas vs. Flex Rumblecrunch
– Sully Banger vs. Scotty Slade vs. Tyler Nitro vs. Conner Murphy vs. Johnny Torres
– Brick N Bad vs. Maine State Posse
– ANYTHING GOES: AT Fox vs. Ace Romero


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Limitless Wrestling fans, the first edition of “Who’s Hot & Who’s Not” is here, presenting a rundown of some of the most dominant competitors in Limitless thus far, as well as those merely holding on to a roster spot.


Ace Romero (6-0) – Romero is the obvious starting point, and for good reason. Over the past year Romero has competed against not only some of the best in the Northeast, but arguably some of the best across North America inside a Limitless Wrestling ring. Coming off of a victory in July against Ring of Honor’s Donovan Dijak, Romero heads into “Past Your Bedtime” on 9/24 out of his comfort zone once again, as he’ll be going one-on-one with AR Fox. Not only will he be attempting to thwart Fox’s aerial assault, but he’ll need to keep in mind that anything goes in this contest, unlike any other match he’s had in Limitless. Will the goose egg in the loss column still stand after 9/24?


“All Good” Anthony Greene – (5-0) – AG’s win streak had been somewhat flying under the radar throughout the year, but after his victory over Ring of Honor’s “WarBeard” Hanson in May, many started to take notice that Greene wasn’t just a flash in the pan. After walking out of “Hook, Line, & Sinker” victorious over two of the best in New England, JT Dunn and Brian Fury, it’s tough to figure out what can stop AG’s momentum. He’ll be tested once again at “Past Your Bedtime” on 9/24 as he goes one-on-one with DUSTIN in a first time ever encounter.


DangerKid (2-2) – The record may not be as appealing as the previous two, but the success is undeniable. From the head of the ring crew at our first event, to a permanent roster spot one year later. The collision course DangerKid has traveled over the past twelve months has been absolutely worth it. After two unsuccessful tag team endeavors (w/ Alexander Lee & Wrecking Ball Legursky) DK certainly proved he was capable of success on his own, defeating Aiden Aggro in May and Alexander Lee in a Fans Bring The Weapons match in July. Looking ahead to 9/24, hopefully the third time is the charm in the tag team division, as he’ll be teaming with Aiden Aggro against New England Pro Wrestling Academy standouts, Christian Casanova & Brick Mastone.

First Time Ever2.jpg


Xavier Bell (2-4) – The opportunities have been presented, however the results haven’t been in Bell’s favor. After starting out 2-2 in Limitless, it seemed like all Bell needed was one big victory to push himself into the upper echelon of the company…but that never happened. He was out powered by WWE’s Tommaso Ciampa in May, and out wrestled by the current CZW Champion, Jonathan Gresham in July. So what’s next? Well, someone who can out power OR out wrestle Bell, “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams. This is almost like one of those last chance matches, but it’s just not labeled that way. We’re eager to see Bell in action with everything on the line.


“Top Shelf” Troy Nelson (0-5) – We may love Top Shelf, but Lady Luck sure doesn’t. Nelson has turned over a new leaf recently, being more of a social and lovable drunk instead of a blabbering goon. And with the help of Max Smashmaster & Flex Rumblecrunch, Nelson nearly had his first taste of victory in Limitless Wrestling (maybe his career)! However once again the thorn in the side of Nelson for months now, Jeremy Leary, escaped victorious with the East Coast Bastard Crew. So instead of shaming Nelson for his lackluster Win/Loss record, we’re going to do something we haven’t done before: give him a singles match on 9/24 in Orono.


AR Fox (0-2) – Probably the most surprising name on this list, but definitely one we wanted to talk about. There’s no shame in an 0-2 record when your two opponents were Donovan Dijak and Ace Romero. However, when you’re a world traveled athlete like AR Fox, every win and loss means something. You don’t see competitors winning championships and traveling the globe on losses. And I know it sounds extreme talking about AR Fox’s Win/Loss record in Limitless like this, but Fox is a guy who takes absolutely every match and every opponent seriously. He’s the most dedicated professional wrestler you’ll meet about what he does and how he conducts himself in the ring. So 9/24 is absolutely huge for Fox, to not only prove he’s one of the best in Limitless, to not only prove he’s one of the most impressive athletes in professional wrestling, but to prove that Ace Romero’s win in January WAS a fluke.

Tickets for “Past Your Bedtime” are still available HERE! Limited tickets remain!



“Hook, Line, & Sinker”
Saturday, July 23rd, 2016
American Legion Post 84 – Orono, ME

– Donovan Dijak vs. Ace Romero
– JT Dunn vs. Brian Fury vs. Anthony Greene
– Jonathan Gresham vs. Xavier Bell
– Hanson vs. John Silver
– East Coast Bastard Crew vs. Troy Nelson & The Devastation Corporation
– Fans Bring The Weapons: Alexander Lee vs. DangerKid
– Luke Robinson vs. Adam Booker
– EYFBO vs. Brick N Bad vs. The Super Savages
– Darius Carter vs. Johnny Torres

“Hook, Line, & Sinker” DVD – $12

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“Hook, Line, & Sinker” was a special night for one of LW’s hottest commodities, DangerKid. From being the head of the ring crew in September of 2015, to defeating Alexander Lee in a Fans Bring The Weapons match on our biggest event yet, the past 11 months have been a wild ride for DK. And while that wild ride continues for DK, Alexander Lee finds himself at a crucial point of his existence amongst Limitless Wrestling.

Lee, who’s typically reluctant, if not purposefully difficult to reach for comment, was eager to speak with about his future;

“I’ve been waiting for this call because I knew exactly what you all were hoping for. A broken man provides a good story for you chickenhawks to plaster all over social media.

Punk trainee defeats ex-mentor really makes for a picture perfect disney ending, yeah? Where I, the asshole, am to fade in mediocrity, hate wrestling, and hate myself? Well fuck you, this isn’t story time, this is pro wrestling and if you want me out of the picture of Limitless you’ll have to cut me out harshly like an overgrown tumor from it’s host.

My passion and love for violence I’ve left is stronger than ever. My only lingering issue is wasting my time trying to help shape fucks like Aggro and DK’s path into professional wrestling. The key word is perspective. They don’t realize exactly how heartless, loveless this bitch of a business is yet. Not that i’ve been as successful as I had hoped in 2005 and have this massive clout to spit wisdom from, far from it. It doesn’t take rocket appliances to see the base truth, though. The boys are oh so friendly and helpful when it benefits them, and as soon as it’s not, it’s straight knives in your back.

I admit, my way of going about showing them what this is all about may have been rough, but it was the only way in my opinion. I’ve realized my mistake, grown from it, and am ready to move on. I didn’t surround myself with like-minded, wild, and equally cynical people. I let my ego take sway and tried to build an empire upon matchsticks thinking they could carry weight like granite.

As of right now, how I see it is I’m bottom of the totem pole. Still the asshole with nothing to lose but life and limb. Limitless Wrestling is my last stab at doing something meaningful in this sport. Short-term, I will defeat and bloody Aiden Aggro. I will defeat and break some part of the DangerKid.

Long-term, it’s seeing this asshole going blood for blood against the Hansons, Dijaks, and Dunns of the world, with a crooked smile on my face as I succeed. It’s becoming the battle scarred, waitron, and ugly face of Limitless Wrestling. I could think of no greater delight then to see the promoter cringing at having to admit I’m his flagship.”

Lee has laid out some bold and ambitious plans for the future, but can he live up to his expectations moving forward?

Tickets for “Past Your Bedtime” on 9/24 are available HERE!


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