The resurgence of Teddy Hart is a beautiful thing. At 37 years old, Hart is continuously proving to fans, old and new, that he’s still one of the most innovative talents in the world today. And with a victory in his Limitless Wrestling debut against Maxwell Jacob Friedman, the door was left wide open for Teddy Hart to return.
There’s a lot of talented people in Limitless Wrestling, and I think I’ve done my job of proving why I am the past, present, and future of professional wrestling. And I have a lot of respect for any guy in the back who’s got the balls to come out here and challenge me so I can come back and..

Before Teddy Hart could finish that sentence, he was face to face with a 6’7, 270lb monster by the name of Josh Briggs.

Briggs has had no shortage of big time opponents, colliding with JT Dunn in June, and opposing Donovan Dijak in his final Limitless Wrestling appearance in July. However no opponent Briggs has faced matches up to the crazy offense and unpredictability Teddy Hart brings to the table. As of 6PM Monday night, this match has been CONFIRMED to go down for the first time ever at “Hybrid Moments” on 11/3 in Westbrook!

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