When people look at me and my body of work, I get it. I really do. I’m an overweight and ugly dude who ends up in situations where I bleed a lot. I don’t mind a little broken glass and replacing the ropes with barbed wire has been something I’ve grown accustomed to. Of course, this would label me “a death match guy.”

But something I have been striving to prove this entire time is that “death match guy” and “pro wrestler” are not mutually exclusive. I am more than just a dude who this past weekend was literally squirting blood from a vein in his hand. I have stood across the ring from many respected pro wrestlers who would never touch a thumbtack. But people don’t see that. They see the Vice documentary where they pull a kenzan from my skull with pliers. And that’s great and all, too. I get asked about it at just about every show I have done since, and I love talking about it. At the same time, it grows a little old being nothing more to most people than that guy. A lot of guys “inside the biz” don’t respect that person.

I love wrestling. I love wrestling of all styles. And Limitless has given me the opportunity to share the ring with five completely different individuals with five completely different styles of wrestling. I love it. I look forward to the chance to show everyone; the people in the back, the fans, the promoters who ignore me, the guys who post about “that video they just got sent” (as if we’re not friends on facebook and you didn’t see me share it), EVERYONE just how much this fat fuck death match guy can do. And hey…maybe I’ll show those five guys just why I have the reputation I have, as well.

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