Last year in September, my phone rang from Limitless Wrestling. I was coming off the high of being on Reality TV, quick to realize that the 15 minutes of fame felt all too literal. Major doors I knocked on in professional wrestling weren’t impressed that I was on national television with ironically, professional wrestling’s biggest name. To top it all off, I was dumped and went through a nauseating heartbreak. I felt hopeless. I was at a low point and now, more than ever, I realized I had to, dare I say, “Show my Grit” and take the opportunity that presented itself in Limitless Wrestling.

Anthony Greene. Donovan Dijak. Ace Romero. Flip Gordon. The list goes on of friends, and many other peers, that have made names for themselves in Limitless Wrestling. With a new attitude, I was ready to do the same. My first Limitless show, I met Tyler Nitro.

I saw Nitro as someone who had unlimited potential, talent that was a bit misguided. Who better than me to steer him on the right path? I truly believed we could cause some damage in the tag team division. Finally, I could be in the spotlight again, in a promotion gaining so much steam so quickly. That was, until Nitro and I stepped in the same ring together.

Nitro and I had the world in front of us, yet our personalities clashed WAY too often. We were barely squeaking by with wins in matches that should have been no problem. Tyler didn’t see the bigger picture; he could never be a star like me. He failed to recognize that a win is a win no matter what and that is how we keep climbing the ranks, but we disagreed.

I lost my mind after our match with the Maine State Posse. Two bums who pinned Nitro and cost me my first loss ever loss in Limitless Wrestling. What happened to making a name for myself?! What happened to ME being in the spotlight?! I was frustrated, and without a doubt in my mind, I knew that associating myself with Tyler Nitro was the biggest mistake when I came to Limitless. I made my statement loud and clear at the next show, the last time Nitro and I teamed together. After the match, Big Mike Gamble and I absolutely decimated Tyler Nitro. I addressed the Limitless fans, sitting on Big Mike like a king atop his throne, before leaving Nitro lifeless with my Exploder Suplex and locking him in the American Grip, security and referees BEGGING ME to let go. I knew then it was time for me to finally shine again.

As Nitro was sidelined, it was announced that Luke Robinson, star from WWE’s reality show, Tough Enough, would make his return to wrestling in a match against myself. I had many emotions leading up to that match. It brought me back to my time on FOX Network. It brought be back to all the pats on the back, all the tweets, all the attention I got from it that I no longer had. I needed it again, I craved it. At this point, I had felt like I have been scratching and clawing for the spotlight again for far too long, and a win over Robinson would fix that.
Everything in the match was almost picture perfect. Luke Robinson tapping out, admitting that he wasn’t “tough enough” for my American Grip would have been the ultimate satisfaction… if Nitro didn’t walk through that curtain. I slipped up and lost to Robinson because of Nitro, as opportunity once again, slipped through my fingers. My expectations shattered, and in a moment of absolute animosity, I issued a Loser Leaves Limitless Wrestling Match against Tyler Nitro. He accepted.

So as I sit here and prepare for one of the biggest matches of my career with Tyler Nitro, it finally hits me. Nitro is everything I once was before coming to Limitless Wrestling. The hope, the optimism, I see it in his eyes and every bit of it makes me sick. How can someone be so naïve? So clueless? He is no star, how dare he believes he is on my level. Heading into this match, Nitro needs to realize that this is not the first time I have put everything on the line. I have been laughed at and made fun of. I have seen so many friends and peers on so many levels skyrocket past me, while I sit in the dust. I have admitted public defeat on national television, I have let $250,000 literally slip though my fingers! September 22nd, I have NOTHING left to lose. I am prepared to do something of which I have never done before, and NO ONE will deny that I AM A STAR. Everyone will find out that positivity and good vibes will never outreach the hate in my heart. I will show everyone that sometimes blessings, can be the biggest CURSE.

September 22nd, Nitro goes home. For good.
Cam vs. Tyler