After an explosive Westbrook debut in July vs. Donovan Dijak (Quick Clip), Josh Briggs undoubtedly solidified himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Limitless Wrestling locker room. However Briggs, still just shy of two years in the professional wrestling business, is an unfamiliar face with many of the Limitless regulars. So, we figured we’d open up to a Q&A with Josh Briggs! Here’s what we got…

Sean Blanchard – That reverse Razors Edge/Falcon Arrow finisher. What do you call that move? Have you named it?

Josh Briggs – The move you are referring to is a version of The Quackendriver 1, perfected and created by Mike Quackenbush. I “created” it by trying a legit reverse razors edge because Scott Hall is one of my favorite wrestlers ever. So I would do that and Brian Fury suggested to me it would look better if I turned it into a sit-out bomb. Soon after, I found out that it was Quack’s move from awhile back. Regardless, I like to say “I Hope You Die!” before I deliver it so I think IHYD would be my name for it going forward.

Jon Couture – What’s your favorite podcast?

Josh Briggs – Well, my all time favorite podcast is Last Podcast On The Left. Everyone who is into darker parts of history, unsolved crimes, the paranormal, and conspiracies should check it out. My next favorite is The Maine Event Podcast (LIKE PAGE)! They are awesome. I recommend everyone subscribe to them on Podbean or iTunes ASAP.

Jessica Lynn – Who would you say is your biggest competitor to date?

Josh Briggs – I feel that my biggest competitor to date is Donovan Dijak. I feel like I will forever be competing with him in my mind. I will always strive to be at his level and compete with his effort and abilities. In the ring, we hit each other as hard as we physically can. It’s pretty much a competition as to who can hurt each other more. We both wrestle a similar style and have very similar skills sets. So the competition will always be there and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Maine Event Podcast – Do you feel a torch has been passed now that Donovan Dijak is moving on?

Josh Briggs – I do feel that the torch has been passed. He is moving onto better things and I think that he understands that indie wrestling is in need of a big man who can move well and put on good matches. I think he finds comfort in knowing that someone who comes from the same school of learning as him (in more ways than one) will be taking over and filling his shoes. It means the world to me that this is the case! I’ve said it a bunch of times but I look up to him. For him to “pass the torch” means a lot more than most people will know. The first match we had at “Nothing Gold Can Stay” will forever be one of the most special matches in my career.

Connor McGrath – Any good tips on facial hair maintenance?

Josh Briggs – Tip one: wash it and condition it. Tip two: have good genetics. A lot of people have patchy beards and stay committed to a “beard” because it’s cool. Know when to grow or when to call it quits. Tip three: I have beard care products from Bad Ass Beard Care. They are awesome to use when you have to look decent and smell nice. Anyone looking to have a quality beard should give them a try.

Jack – Which promotions do you want to have wrestled in by years end?

Josh Briggs – Pro Wrestling Revolver, CZW, PWX, and a lot of promotions outside of the country. Great question!

Fran – What are your goals and intentions for the next few years? Where do you want to be in your wrestling career?

Josh Briggs – The next few years for me are going to be busy, I will hurt a lot, but I am going to be one of the most talked about independent wrestlers in a long time. I would really like to get involved with Ring of Honor and wrestle some of the best wrestlers in the world. New Japan Pro Wrestling is another goal I am working really hard to make come to fruition.

@libismaximus – What’s your favorite place to eat when making the trips to/from Maine?

Josh Briggs – My normal routine doesn’t usually involve food on the road. I usually pack food in an effort to save money. If you have any recommended spots that I should check out, by all means let me know and I will go grab something to eat there!

Ben Ouellette – What was it like facing Dijak in his final match at Limitless?

Josh Briggs – Facing Dijak in his last match for Limitless was really special. It was one of those things that I will remember for the rest of my life. To send off my friend from such a great company and one that meant so much to him and means so much to me was a feeling you can’t recreate. I can’t thank everyone at Limitless Wrestling and the fans enough for making it so special. It was very emotional, it was very humbling, it was really a dream come true. After that match I was as happy as I have ever been in pro wrestling.
36102982116_9003c13b08_o.jpgJohn Ross – Two parter here. Is Nothing, Arizona near parts unknown? Also, do you or have you wrestled in crocs?

Josh Briggs – Unfortunately no. Nothing, AZ is in the middle of the desert between Wickenburg, AZ and Glendale, AZ. It’s a neat place where Nothing exists. Check it out online. If I could wear Crocs to wrestle I would. I have wrestled while wearing them in class as a joke, but I love them to death. If I could be sponsored by one thing it would be Crocs.

Alex Calder – If you could have a tail, what kind of tail and why?

Josh Briggs – If I could have a tail it would probably be a dragon tail. I’m a big Game of Thrones fan so being able to crush small villages with a single swipe of my tail would be awesome. Points for creative question!

Jamie Shaw – Will you be at “Question The Answers” on 9/22? If so, who would you want to face?

Josh Briggs – I am pleased to announce that I will be at “Question The Answers” on 9/22 in Westbrook, ME. As long as Limitless Wrestling wants to bring me back, I will always be there! As for who I would want to face, I would really like a match with Johnny Silver, Joey Janela, or even Teddy Hart. I think Silver and I could do some really cool things that haven’t been seen before and I always really like working with smaller guys who are legitimately strong as hell and can toss me around. Janela because he is as crazy as they come and I think that the fans would love to see us do some crazy things. And Teddy Hart, I mean… HE’S TEDDY HART!!!! If I don’t get Teddy Hart, I sure hope JT Dunn does!

Jimmy Parker – What is your favorite match to date?

Josh Briggs – My favorite match to date would be Dijak vs. myself at “Nothing Gold Can Stay” for Limitless Wrestling. That was such a special match for me for so many reasons. Second would be Ace Romero vs Mike Graca vs myself in a cage match for XWA in RI. A close third would have to be a match between Maxwell Jacob Friedman and myself for Beyond at a studio taping. Good question!

Ivan Lopez – If you were chosen to be in a D.C. movie, who would you want to be?

Josh Briggs – If I was chosen to be in a DC movie I would want to be the love interest of Wonder Woman. If I couldn’t get that role, I would like to be Shazam or Darkseid.

Justin Wright – Your profile says you probably don’t like me, is that true?

Josh Briggs – My profile for the most part is correct. I only like a few handfuls of people. But seeing as you have asked a question, I like you significantly more than others.

Josh Dorr – What’s your primary goal in Limitless Wrestling?

Josh Briggs – My primary goal in Limitless Wrestling is to become the most talked about wrestlers on the roster. I want to be known as the guy who always delivers to the fans. I want to be Mr. Dependable. Someone the company can trust and put stock in. I always want to give fans way more than their money’s worth and leave them wanting to come back for the next show.

Skyler – More of a request, you should wrestle at the Lariat Saloon back home in AZ.

Josh Briggs – If the Lariat Saloon is interested in having me there I would LOVE to. Such a storied and beloved landmark in Bullhead City, Arizona. Love the request man!

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