Back in 1977, I was told “Kid, the only person you can trust in this business is Ben Franklin.” No truer words have ever been said to me in the rasslin business. Jim Barnett tasked me to teach Top Shelf Troy a lesson. Those lessons are: Funny doesn’t equal Money, and don’t drink. In rasslin, Jim Barnett is the most powerful man. He’s what we call a mover and a shaker. Jim sees Top Shelf Troy as talented, but he has too many issues, and he knows those issues will kill the territory system. It’s up to me, with the financial backing of Mr. Barnett to stop this idiot from killing towns so great promoters like Ray Gunkel and Al Tomko can feed their families.

I only knew of Maine because Strongbow used to shop for knick knacks at the Salvation Army in Auburn. Maine is an absolute cesspool of a state, and a guy like Top Shelf Troy can get over in a place like that because the people don’t know any better. I’ve been sent Japanese Assassins by Kabuki. He turned out to be a bumbling idiot.
Vince Jr said he’s sending a cop. It wasn’t Big Bubba, it was some Dick with a porno moustache. Then ol’ Verne said he’s sending me a Chicago guy. It ends up being some radio DJ that messes up and ends up hitting me and loses.
I was holding Troy with a tight grip and he ends up missing him. That spot has never failed. All losers. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life. How is this drunk, bag of milk out smarting me? I’m Sidney Bakabella! I trained Blassie!

What Top Shelf Troy doesn’t realize is that I have a lot of friends in rasslin. So many guys owe me money, and now I have called in those debts. Lawler has told me he has a GIANT! A former World Champion, and a real man. This is a guy that drives down the highway shooting signs while doing 100mph. Lawler has promised me that this giant is violent, and will hog tie Top Shelf Troy up with a garden hose and throw him in the shows so I can finally get my hands on him.

Top Shelf Troy, being a big deal in Maine is like being the best looking guy in prison. We’re going to make sure you don’t bring that poisonous rasslin style to the other territories. Jim Barnett is paying me a lot of money. You’ve been undefeated all year by luck, not because you’re worth a damn. Your winning streak, and possibly your life, will end on July 21st. You can take that to the Pay Windah..
Top Shelf vs. GIANT.jpg
“Top Shelf” Troy Nelson vs. Sidney Bakabella’s GIANT goes down in NINE DAYS at “Nothing Gold Can Stay” in Westbrook! CLICK HERE to grab your tickets now!

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