Anxiety and excitement are strange feelings that you don’t experience often, never mind at the same time. I’ve been waiting a long time for this match and to say that I’m happy that it’s finally here is an understatement. If you get the opportunity to be in the ring with Donovan Dijak, you can’t help but be excited. But for me, this is different. This is an opportunity to show everyone I am the future of big men in professional wrestling.
From the second I started wrestling, Donovan Dijak has been the measuring stick for big men in this business. He is someone I’ve strived to compete with and have worked so hard to be considered competition for. I’ve learned a lot from Dijak. He may not know it, but he has made me better than I should have ever been. Really early on in my training, I shared the ring with him and I got to experience what it felt like to be in the ring with someone who took pride in what he did. Someone who was so real about this thing we do that others deem “fake”. He made me believe he was everything he wanted to portray. After that, I knew that was who I wanted to look up to.
So when I sit and think about this match, only eleven days away, it’s going to mark a special place in my career. I get to compete with someone who is the measuring stick to what I want to become in this business. I get to share the ring with someone I look up to. And I get to share the ring with, in my opinion, one of the best professional wrestlers on the planet. This match will be fun, this match will be brutal, but most of all, this will be special.

I’m sure most reading this have heard me say “Chances are, I don’t like you!” on occasion. But I like Dijak. I just know I need to beat him.

– Josh Briggs

Briggs vs. Dijak
Josh Briggs vs. Donovan Dijak joins a CRAZY lineup for our return to Westbrook on 7/21 featuring Super Crazy, Rey Fenix, Sami Callian & more! CLICK HERE to purchase tickets to see this first time ever matchup before they’re gone!

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