Troy Nelson (that’s me) is intelligent. Behind all the drunken debauchery and long hours taking care of the bar lies a man with a degree in English and a minor in Communications. It has been quite a while since I put pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keyboard. Here I find myself about a week away from stepping into the ring with a remarkable international talent, so I thought it was time.

The first time I saw Kikutaro was on a ROH DVD in 2006. I didn’t know what to think of him as he stepped into the ring with the likes of Delirious, Samoa Joe, and a slew of indie darlings from the mid 2000’s. I quickly learned that a man can have a knack for tomfoolery and have it translate into a successful professional wrestling career. If anything, Kikutaro gave hope to the theater kid whose body type could only be described as a “warm bag of milk” for half of high school. Fast forward to 2013. Ernest Goes To Wrestling School… Er… Troy. I meant Troy. I wanted to give professional wrestling a try and I knew the style I wanted to employ. How was I going to garner smiles from an audience AND picks up wins at the same time? One must watch tape; Study those that have come before you. Cassandro, Colt Cabana, Santino Marella, and of course Kikutaro pointed me in the right direction. Those are the guys that showed me that funny COULD equal money.
Kiku vs. Troy.jpg
On March 17 in Westbrook, ME, Sidney Bakabella of all people has afforded me the opportunity to have a dream match. Sidney for whatever reason seems to hold a vendetta against me for making the fans laugh, smile, and go home with a different perspective of the way pro wrestling can be. Trust me Sidney, sometimes I wish it was 1996 and that Goldust and Savio Vega were on the bill every week, but times change. I don’t know where you think your “Japanese Assasin” comes from, but I assure you, the disappointment on your face will mesh well with the gratitude on that of the fans. Kikutaro, I respect you to the umpteenth level and am honored to step into the ring with you, but at the Westbrook Armory, he who laughs last will last loudest. Nobody laughs at there own jokes more than me. I’m “Top Shelf” Troy Nelson, and I’ll drink to that.

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