There’s two sides to every story. There’s Ace’s side and there’s mine. In Limitless, we’ve taken two completely different career paths. I kind of flew under the radar for a little bit, while he received main event after main event and opportunity after opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, he made the most of those opportunities and deserves the spot he’s in… But I shouldn’t be overlooked.
It’s no secret that behind the scenes we are friends. We ride to shows together, hang out, and train together. On a personal level, I think it’s one of those cool friendships you could only get out of wrestling. Professionally… we’ve teamed, we’ve been across the ring from each other to an extent, but the issue is respect. Regardless of our friendship outside of the ring, he doesn’t hold me to the standard that I know I am.

We’re teaming because together we’re 20-1 in singles and tags in Limitless Wrestling (he’s the 1). Brian Fury told us we’re unbeatable as a duo. We’re pros and that’s how we’re going to act. Limitless wants to throw us a curveball named The American Destroyers, and Ace and I are going to knock it out of the park. You want us to be a team… we’re going to act, look, and WIN like a team.

– “All Good” Anthony Greene

Anthony Greene & Ace Romero vs. The American Destroyers goes down in SIX DAYS at “UNREAL” in Westbrook! Tickets are still available – CLICK HERE to purchase.
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