“Hook, Line, & Sinker” was a special night for one of LW’s hottest commodities, DangerKid. From being the head of the ring crew in September¬†of 2015, to defeating Alexander Lee in a Fans Bring The Weapons match on our biggest event yet, the past 11 months have been a wild ride for DK. And while that wild ride continues for DK, Alexander Lee finds himself at a crucial point of his existence amongst Limitless Wrestling.

Lee, who’s typically reluctant, if not purposefully difficult to reach for comment, was eager to speak with LW.com about his future;

“I’ve been waiting for this call because I knew exactly what you all were hoping for. A broken man provides a good story for you chickenhawks to plaster all over social media.

Punk trainee defeats ex-mentor really makes for a picture perfect disney ending, yeah? Where I, the asshole, am to fade in mediocrity, hate wrestling, and hate myself? Well fuck you, this isn’t story time, this is pro wrestling and if you want me out of the picture of Limitless you’ll have to cut me out harshly like an overgrown tumor from it’s host.

My passion and love for violence I’ve left is stronger than ever. My only lingering issue is wasting my time trying to help shape fucks like Aggro and DK’s path into professional wrestling. The key word is perspective. They don’t realize exactly how heartless, loveless this bitch of a business is yet. Not that i’ve been as successful as I had hoped in 2005 and have this massive clout to spit wisdom from, far from it. It doesn’t take rocket appliances to see the base truth, though. The boys are oh so friendly and helpful when it benefits them, and as soon as it’s not, it’s straight knives in your back.

I admit, my way of going about showing them what this is all about may have been rough, but it was the only way in my opinion. I’ve realized my mistake, grown from it, and am ready to move on. I didn’t surround myself with like-minded, wild, and equally cynical people. I let my ego take sway and tried to build an empire upon matchsticks thinking they could carry weight like granite.

As of right now, how I see it is I’m bottom of the totem pole. Still the asshole with nothing to lose but life and limb. Limitless Wrestling is my last stab at doing something meaningful in this sport. Short-term, I will defeat and bloody Aiden Aggro. I will defeat and break some part of the DangerKid.

Long-term, it’s seeing this asshole going blood for blood against the Hansons, Dijaks, and Dunns of the world, with a crooked smile on my face as I succeed. It’s becoming the battle scarred, waitron, and ugly face of Limitless Wrestling. I could think of no greater delight then to see the promoter cringing at having to admit I’m his flagship.”

Lee has laid out some bold and ambitious plans for the future, but can he live up to his expectations moving forward?

Tickets for “Past Your Bedtime” on 9/24 are available¬†HERE!